Melvin Ayala in water surfing action

Melvin Ayala

Come along on an exciting journey with Psycho Tuna's Team Rider, Melvin Ayala. Get first-hand knowledge of his exploits and high tier surfing advice only here, at Psycho Tuna.

Sutton Tudor in water surfing shot

Sutton Tudor

Learn more about Sutton Tudor and his passion for surfing and Psycho Tuna Clothing. You’ll also get to see some of his amazing surfing content. Don’t miss this chance to get inspired by one of the best surfers in the world!

Kitt Smith wakeboarding panoramic angle

Kitt Smith

Immerse yourself in the adrenaline-fueled world of team rider, Kitt Smith, our exceptional female wakeboarder. Discover her inspiring journey, from her first ride to becoming a team rider. Learn from her experiences, gain insights into her training regimen, and get a glimpse of the thrilling world of wakeboarding.
Carlos Muñoz

Carlos Muñoz

Join Carlos Muñoz as he travels the world, competes with the best, and inspires others to follow their dreams. You’ll see why he’s one of the most loved and respected surfers on the planet and how Psycho Tuna helps him perform at his peak.
Lukas McMahon surfing in action

Lukas McMahon

Introducing Lukas McMahon, our team rider at Psycho Tuna. A passionate surfer from Finland, Lukas embodies the spirit of Psycho Tuna through his love for the waves and commitment to ocean conservation.
Agus Cedeno

Agus Cedeno

Take a thrilling journey with Psycho Tuna's Team Rider Agus Cedeno. Discover firsthand knowledge about his exploits and anything surfing related.
Jordy Collins

Jordy Collins

Join us as we ride the waves with Jordy Collins, one of Psycho Tuna’s star team riders. Experience the thrill of surfing and gain unique insights from his adventures. Don’t miss out!
Titus Kaimana Santucci in water surfing shot

Titus Kaimana Santucci

Join Titus Kaimana Santucci, Psycho Tuna’s Team Rider, on a thrilling journey. Get exclusive insights into his adventures and tips from the surfing world.