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Men's Eternal Solid 4-Way Stretch Swim Shorts
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Psycho Tuna Clothing’s Men’s Swim Shorts: Catch the Wave in Sustainable Style!

Ride the tide with Psycho Tuna Clothing’s Men’s Swim Shorts! These aren’t your average swim trunks. Known in the surf world as volley shorts, our swim shorts are designed with a comfortable 17" out seam fit that sits above the knee, giving you the freedom to move whether you’re catching waves or chilling on the beach.

But it’s not just about style and comfort. We’re committed to sustainability, which is why our shorts are made from 92% recycled polyester and 8% elastane. The fabric includes recycled coconut poly and recycled yarn, making every pair a step towards a greener planet.

Our shorts are designed with no interior lining for a relaxed fit, and on-seam side pockets for your essentials. The breathable waterproof fabric ensures you stay dry and comfortable, while the bonded stretch material moves with you as you ride the waves.