Meet Sutton Tudor, one of our team riders and a pro surfer who loves to ride the waves in style. Sutton is a passionate and adventurous waterman who has been surfing since he was a kid. He has competed in many national and international events, and has won several awards for his skills and tricks. Sutton is always looking for new challenges and adventures, whether it’s surfing big waves, exploring new spots, or traveling the world.

Sutton Tudor in water swimming headshot

He is also a loyal ambassador of Psycho Tuna Clothing, and wears our products with pride and confidence. Psycho Tuna Clothing is more than just a clothing brand for Sutton, it’s a way of life. He shares our values of caring for the ocean, the environment, and the community. He also loves our high-quality graphic tees and boardshorts, which are designed to fit his surf lifestyle and personality.

Sutton Tudor wearing Psycho Tuna graphic tee with trophy

Sutton is not only a great surfer, but also a great ambassador for Psycho Tuna Clothing. He represents our brand with enthusiasm and charisma, and inspires others to join our ocean family. We are proud to have Sutton Tudor as part of our team, and we hope you enjoy his surfing videos and photos on our website. Stay tuned for more updates from Sutton and Psycho Tuna Clothing!

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Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates about our team riders and other topics related to surfing, fishing, and ocean conservation. And remember, be psycho about what you love!

October 28, 2023