Meet Titus Kaimana Santucci, one of our awesome team riders at Psycho Tuna. Titus is a talented surfer who loves to ride the waves and compete in the World Surf League. 

Titus Kaimana Santucci holding a surf board

He has a passion for the ocean and the environment, and he supports our mission to create high-quality clothing that is good for you and the planet. Titus rocks our graphic tees and boardshorts, and he always brings his positive vibes and energy to the Psycho Tuna family.

Titus Kaimana Santucci wearing Psycho Tuna graphic Tee

We hope you enjoyed reading about our team rider Titus Kaimana Santucci. He is an amazing surfer and a great person who represents Psycho Tuna well. We are proud to have him on our team and we look forward to seeing him achieve his goals.

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Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates about our team riders and other topics related to surfing, fishing, and ocean conservation. And remember, be psycho about what you love!

October 21, 2023